Lose Control

Yes. It is the tagline, the words gracing the top of the film poster, the words which, apparently, should sum up the whole film. Not that I’ve read it, or seen it or plan on doing either in the future. And so it’s not Fifty Shades of Grey I want to talk about. Not really.

Premiering last week (I think), there are film posters for it everywhere, announcing it’s existence and shouting to the world. There is one at the bus stop I wait at every day. And on the other side of the board, on the outside part of the bus stop, there is another advert. A picture of soldiers, clad proudly in their khaki uniforms, shouldering guns, staring out and advertising the British Army. And, on one of the soldier’s eyes, someone has stuck a piece of bright pink chewing gum.

Talk about priorities. Gum stuck on an advert for the British Army, the people who risk their lives for queen and country but an advert for Fifty Shades of Grey left clean.

There is a difference between a book, an inappropriate book which teaches people that abuse is ok and that manipulating, stalking, threatening and hurting girls is acceptable and soldiers who risk getting killed. If we can’t respect the soldiers but can withhold from disrespecting an advert for an inappropriate book, what does that say about society? That we truly have lost control.

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