Are you Listening?

“Hi”, she says, with a smile, a grin,

But she hopes someone will see the pain, look within,

The happiness in her voice, it’s just a farce

But the pain behind it? She knows that will last.

The chatter goes on, she makes a joke,

Ignoring the feelings their delight evokes.

Will someone realise, will anyone hear?

Will she have to live with constant fear?

Their conversation echoes through her head,

As careless laughter conceals her dread.

The hurt she can’t forget branded inside,

Even if tears have long ago dried.

But when someone asks her “are you okay?”

She quickly replies “I’m fine today!”

Hoping and praying there’ll be someone who sees

That she’s really deeply unhappy.

But no one does, no one hears,

And she lives silently with her fears,

No one listens, no one cares:

Why would it matter to them how she fares?

The clouds of memory are sliced by the pain,

But it’s almost over: never again!

The blood on her wrists, in the light it glistens,

And simply because nobody listens.

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